Why Ancestral Ketogenic Diet?

Utara Dietetics innovated a clean label nutritional meal replacement as a strictly in-house adjunct therapy to aid patients struggling with food allergies and higher food cost associated with protein shakes, multi grains, cereals, muesli, granola, dairy formulations, high fiber mix, diet formulas, herbal concoctions, 3 in 1 instant beverages juicing regime, super supplements and freeze dried probiotics.

This Gluten Free Low Carbohydrate Ancient Grains meal also benefits individuals struggling with food intolerance caused by additives, preservatives, synthetic sweeteners, alkaloids and trans fats. 

This Ketogenic Meal when combined with pure Virgin Coconut Oil is a safe and suitable nutritional therapy for individuals afflicted by  weight gain, GERD, sluggish bowels and loss of muscle mass. 

This Organic Vegan Meal also improves the absorption of oral drugs for patients dependent on higher dosages of medication.

Basal Metabolic rate
digestion & absorption
glycemic index
plant protein & ala-omega 3
dietary fibre & resistance starch
Content authored by Dr Karthigesu Alagappar Nagalingam
Medical Counsellor
Utara Dietetics Clinic

FAQ about nutritional Ketosis

What are the benefits of a ketogenic diet with PaleoPrebiotics®?

Paleoprebiotics restores your natural gut bacteria (probiotics) to produce metabolites that control blood sugar and cholesterol levels, regulate bowel movements and improve mood.

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What foods to avoid during a ketogenic eating plan?

Avoid foods with Gluten, Soy and Dairy. Avoid beverages with refine sugar, artificial sweeteners and High Fructose Corn Syrup. Best to remember fruit juicing has a higher glycaemic load.

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Are there any side effects or ‘healing crisis’?

The “keto-flu”, carbo craving and bloating are very common side effects that occurs in the beginning of a ketogenic diet. However, these annoying symptoms will pass within a few days.

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Is nutritional ketosis safe?

Multiple clinical studies prove Nutritional Ketosis is a safer and viable treatment plan for patients struggling with insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, eating disorders and infertility. However nutritional ketosis is not suitable for everyone. Subscribe to our Metabolic Health Survey or consult our doctor to know more.

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How does one get into a ketogenic metabolism while on a safer plant based diet?

Vegans can reach ketosis by relying on healthy fats such as high ALA Omega 3 and MCT, plant proteins and dietary fiber from ancient grains. Old School Keto Diet results in a higher intake of saturated animal fats (bad cholesterol) and dioxin.

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What is the difference between Old School Ketogenic Diet and AKD?

Old School Keto Diets states that 20% of the calories come from animal protein and eggs, 10% from carbs, and 70% from saturated fats. Whereas, the Ancestral Ketogenic Diet (AKD) aligns with plant based foods eaten by robust early humans. AKD emphasis on intake of meal choices that have a lower glycaemic index (<40), higher dietary fibre (>20g) and plant protein (>50g) and healthy fats such as MCTs and plant omega 3 (30ml/day).

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What is the mantra for healthy aging?

The mantra for healthy aging is one nutrient dense thermogenic meal before or after a 11-18 hours intermittent fasting. You may include your hours of sleep as part of your intermittent fasting duration.

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Won’t eating plant oils make me fat?

Chronic inflammation due to food intolerance is the precursor to weight gain and joint pains. The common enemy is the imbalance of the sensitive Omega 3 : Omega 6 ratio due to intake of trans fats (fried foods). Excess intake of refined carbohydrates. Lack of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) and Omega 9 oils in the diet.

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Why are we fat or easily gain weight?

Interruption of the Leptin-Ghrelin hormone cycle and insulin resistance. Lack of exercise, portion control and late night meals also contribute to weight gain.

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