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Ancestral Ketogenic Diet is a combination of selected gluten free ancient grains blended with high quality soluble dietary fibre, class A proteins from plant source and ALA Omega 3 rich seeds and 'paleo prebiotics' are formulated with a clinically tested ratio to induce ketosis in patients adhering to a therapeutic eating plan consisting of less than 50 grams digestible carbohydrate or sugars per day.

The 11+grams of complex carbohydrate based on per serving of 33grams (3tablespoon) also comprise of resistant starch thus making the available carbohydrate almost negligible.  Patients reach nutritional ketosis on DAY 6 based on Utara Dietetics strict supervision of their daily food diary. 

The Ketone Bodies are measured via a urine strip test or blood assays.  Patients struggling with Metabolic Disorder find this Gluten-Soy-Lactose free ancient grains mix a suitable Low GI Meal Replacement  Patients consuming Ancestral Ketogenic Diet and completing  >2000 steps daily can expect a 3% – 5 %increase in lean muscle mass.  

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