21 KETOGENIC DIET – Beauty from Inside
Nutrient dense 21 Ketogenic Meal® for lean muscle mass and younger healthier skin

This Vegan meal preparation is certified free from Gluten-Soy-Lactose. The paleo ingredients are ancient grains rich in resistant starch and plant amino acids, seeds dense with ALA Omega 3 and trace minerals. This meal replacement has higher dietary fibre content and minimal net carbs, making it a good low glycaemic index keto-friendly paleo meal.  Also suitable for individuals choosing 10-18 hours of intermittent fasting.  PaleoPrebiotic® in both formulations feeds growth of beneficial gut bacteria producing SCFA that protects colon health, essential metabolites for cellular nutrition and enzymes that produce skin food giving you youthful skin.

Benefits of 21 Ketogenic Meal® as a Functional Food Formula:

1. Increase production of Collagen Elastin for youthful looks.
2. Increase production of muscle fibres for joint strength.
3. Firms loose skin, reduction of stretch marks.
4. Reduce expression lines.
5. Increases skin hydration, supple skin.
6. Increase cell metabolism, better skin hue.
7. Reduces dark circles around neck.
8. Cools inflammation and reduces muscle tenderness.
9. Feeds healthy gut bacteria, improves immune response.
10. Better bowel movement and stool texture.
11. Increases Basal Metabolic Rate, aids in safe weight loss

Available @ Emma Lizs Skin Treatment Expert since 1995.

**Dr. Michael Greger, MD, NutritionFacts.org**American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.2006;83(6):1440-1

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