Nutrient dense PaleoPrebiotic® for Nutritional ketosis & Younger Healthier Skin

PaleoPrebiotic® feeds the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, producing essential metabolites that slows skin ageing and short-chain fatty acids that boost intestinal immune responses.  Ancestral Ketogenic Diet is a gluten, soy, lactose and sugar free ancient grains vegan meal with a nutritional composition of resistant starch, plant amino acids, omega 3 seeds, polyphenols, higher dietary fibre and PaleoPrebiotic®.  AKD has minimal net carbs thus it is a low glycaemic functional food for Nutritional Ketosis.

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Old school keto?

'What is KETO' is one of the most searched questions in 2019 as reported by CNN Roundup.  Classic Keto Diets (Atkins Type) are very low in carbs, high in animal fat and protein.  It even involves reducing complex carbs and replacing it with saturated fats.  Fats control your appetite and stop you from overeating resulting in lower calories intake. Thus the body switches to Ketone bodies for fuel (fat burning) causing weight loss.  Individuals with eating disorders found relief in Classic Keto Diets (20% of the calories from protein, 10% from carbs, and 70% from animal fat).  Followers of Classic Keto Diets often combine this meal plan with prolong intermittent fasting.  Long term Classic Keto Diets causes the body to experience organ stress, nutrition deficiencies and harmful Dysbiosis.

Why Clean Label Vegan Ketogenic Meal with PaleoPrebiotic®

Utara Dietetics innovated a Clean Label nutritional meal replacement as a strictly in-house adjunct therapy to aid patients struggling with food intolerance and high cost associated with protein shakes, protein bars, slimming beverages, dairy formulations, juicing regime, cereals, muesli, granola, multi grains, high fiber mix, diet formulas, herbal extracts, ayurvedic blends, TCM and stem cell supplements.
This Gluten Free Low Carbohydrate Ancient Grains meal also benefits individuals struggling with chronic inflammation cause by additives, preservatives, synthetic sweeteners, alkaloids and trans fats.
When combined with medical grade virgin coconut oil this Organic Vegan Meal is transformed into a Nutrient Dense Thermogenic Meal and is a safe and suitable nutritional therapy for individuals afflicted by medical conditions due to weight gain, obesity, irritable bowel disease and reduction of muscle mass.
This Ketogenic Meal also improves the efficacy of oral drugs for patients dependent on higher doses of medication.  PaleoProbiotic® meal feeds our natural friendly gut microbes to produce Short-Chain Fatty Acids (SCFA) essential for intestinal health thus sufficient production of the happiness hormone, Serotonin.

Gluten Free
Dairy Free
Soy Free
Sugar Free
Pesticide Free

Product Science

Doctors prescribe per serving of 3 tablespoons (11g per flat scoop) of Ancestral Ketogenic Diet or Keto Grains Breakfast as supportive nutrition therapy in the treatment of Indigestion, Malabsorption, Constipation, Leaky Gut, Diabetes, Fatty Liver, Skin Allergies, Skin Ageing and Dry Skin. Both ancient grains blend have a general nutritional composition of plant protein (23%), dietary soluble fiber (28%), complex carbs (32%), PaleoPrebiotics® (10%), ALA Omega 3 (6%) with Magnesium and Trace Minerals.

40% of the nutrient rich complex carb is indigestible Resistant Starch thus making it a Low Glycaemic Food (<GI50). Both the meal replacements have minimal net carbs (less than 11 grams per serving) thus it’s a suitable keto-friendly paleo meal.  When combined with medical grade Virgin Coconut Oil it makes a perfect thermogenic meal (glycaemic index <40)., tested Jan 6, 2020.

The non digestible Complex Carbs component (dietary fiber and Resistant Starch) is fermented by bacteria in the large colon to short-chain fatty acids.  SCFA contributes to many physiologic effects, including  source of energy for colonocytes, curbing glycaemic response, enhancing mineral absorption, reducing systemic inflammation and protecting against leaky gut.

Discovery of the Vegan Allele prompts the rewriting of Nutritional Science. Thus Utara Dietetics identified the Resistant Starch component in ancient grains as PaleoPrebiotic®

This meal replacement
is deemed a functional food that improves digestive health, yields healthier skin and increases basal metabolic rate. Clinical studies establish that metabolites of dietary fiber protect brain health by maintaining healthy levels of serotonin production in the intestine.

Content authored by Dr Karthigesu Alagappar Nagalingam
Medical Counsellor
Utara Dietetics Clinic
Basal Metabolic rate
digestion & absorption
glycemic index
plant protein & ala-omega 3
dietary fibre & resistance starch

dispensed as meal replacement  |  product launch July 2019

breakfast goodness  |  also suitable for overnight preparation

selected organic ancient grains  |  safe functional food

affordable nutrition  |  approved vegan meal  |  quality product

change what you EAT

Doctors prescribe a daily breakfast of 3 tablespoon (approximately 33 grams) of Ancestral Ketogenic Diet with 2 tbsp. medical grade Virgin Coconut Oil as supportive nutritional therapy in the treatment of indigestion, malabsorption, constipation, leaky gut, diabetes, skin allergies, skin ageing and dry skin.  

Here is a friendly meal preparation video that guides you to choose a healing eating plan. You could also bake flour free cookies, brownies and muffins using Ancestral Ketogenic Diet.  Discover youthful and healthier skin by consuming Emma Lizs 21 Ketogenic Meal.

Begin your journey here to build a better you.

what to expect from Vegan Keto MealS  (AKD, Keto Grains Breakfast, 21 Ketogenic Meal)

Patients may experience hunger pangs 3+ hours after Vegan Keto Meal for the first 5 to 10 days, it's a symptom that your body is carbohydrate or sugar dependent.  Some patients also experienced bloating in the first week. This harmless symptom is caused by the slow digestion of dietary fiber.
For better health outcomes, closely follow the eating plan as instructed by your physician or dietician.
First, is ease of bowel movement and complete emptying with light brown oily floating stool.
Next, the body eases into fullness thus reducing the urge for snacking
Third, calmer moods and more energetic outlook between 5 pm and 8 pm.
Next, ability to complete 11 to 18 hours intermittent fasting.
Fifth, reduction in chronic inflammation and decrease in joint pains.
Next, increase in capillary function and healthy changes in skin tone.
Seventh, much better blood glucose control and blood pressure control.
Next, increase in basal metabolic rate and restoring of the Leptin–Ghrelin hormone cycle.
Ninth, amelioration of hypothyroidism leading to lower insulin resistance.

Earliest measurable benefits after consuming Vegan Keto Meal with Virgin Coconut Oil (Keto Creamer) daily for breakfast followed by food choices that are gluten free and low in refine carbohydrate.
Day 5, Ketone levels between 1.5 to 3.0 mmol/l (Ketosis).
Day 7, changes is faecal bacteria reflecting higher probiotic colonies.
Day 10, better sleep quality from Stage 2 to 3.
Day 15, for Diabetics blood glucose reading 2 hours after keto meal is between 6.0 and 7.2 mmol/l,
For Hypertensives blood pressure readings around 130/85 with alternate day medication
Day 21++,  3+% increase in lean muscle mass plus a reduction of  3 - 5 kg body fat.

Expect better health outcomes when you are are able to complete 5000+ steps daily. Begin with 2000+ steps daily.

Collagen C+

What makes natural C+ with collagen cofactor so potent for healthier skin and youthful looks?

Dietetics Practitioners along with organic biochemist discovered that Natural Vitamin C+  isn't just one specific compound, but rather, a group of related molecules called Vitamers (super phytonutrient). The Vitamers include ascorbic acid, the ascorbate salts and oxidized forms of ascorbic acid, such as dehydroascorbic acid.

In the human body, when one of these compounds is introduced, healthy metabolism produces several forms of the molecule. The Vitamers act primarily as cofactors in collagen synthesis and enzymatic reactions, reduces inflammation, inhibit superoxide dismutase (SOD) damage in liver cells, improved digestive function and immunomodulation - antibodies. The Natural C+ molecule is a stereoisomer, where the L-form is the one with biological activity. It is heat and light resistant and has a higher biogenic score. It’s a super antioxidant.  

This nutraceutical formulation of desiccated Wild Indian Gooseberry (Phyllanthus emblica sp.), Hawthorn Berry (Crataegus laevigata), Rose Hip (Rosa rugosa Thunb) and   Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) was designed and tested by Utara Dietetics.
Dosage; 3 to 6 grams per day
               Best consumed with Keto Meals.

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product launch Aug. 8 @ Mont. Kiara  |  biogenic | improves immune response

How can Utara Dietetics help?

High Energy Living Plan…ASK OUR DOCTOR TODAY
Since 2018, Utara Dietetics, has provided nutritional therapy and medical counselling as an adjunct treatment plan to 230 patients afflicted with weight gain, eating disorder, metabolic syndrome and leaky gut. Utara Clinic provides clinical consultation for reproductive health. Book an appointment with us now and let us guide you to do better with your precious health.

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Nutritional Ketosis

Utara Dietetics defines Nutritional Ketosis as the restriction of refined carbs to <30g per day via a nutrient dense plant based meal replacement that has a glycaemic index of <40, higher in plant protein, dietary soluble fibre, healthy fats (MCTs and Omega 3) and PaleoPrebiotic® (resistant starch). This thermogenic diet triggers the body to use ketones as fuel by restricting insulin release and increasing basal metabolic rate.  This biogenic meal helps restore natural gut probiotics necessary for proteolytic activity and reduced sugar cravings.  The target is to sustain daily blood ketone levels at 0.5nM or more.

medical counselling

Utara Dietetics Clinic offers personalised professional medical counselling and clinical consult which is designed to identify and diagnose causes for chronic inflammation, food intolerance, persistent joint pains, lower immune response, irritable bowel and leaky gut syndrome.Utara Dietetics Clinic offers a proven nutritional eating plan as adjunct therapy for Metabolic Syndrome. By systematically eliminating offensive foods from your diet we can identify food intolerance, restore healthy gut bacteria, help you with eating disorders and weight management.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Ancestral Ketogenic Diet?

AKD is a Gluten Free Vegan Keto Meal that resets our digestive health, restores our natural gut probiotics and regulates bowel movement. When combined with medical grade Virgin Coconut Oil or MCTs, AKD acts as a thermogenic meal increasing our energy levels and assisting to burn body fat. Active individuals can reach Ketosis on Day 5 (Ketone levels between 1.5 to 2.0 mmol/l).

Is this diet going to cost me more than my usual fast food meal?

NO! This organic breakfast has complete nutrition and taste good yet it only cost RM8.70 (USD2.20) per meal. You may personalize this breakfast goodness by adding toppings from a choice of low calorie condiments.

What supplements are there to assist Ketosis?

Here at Utara Dietetics, we produce our own high quality Collagen Co-factor from Natural Vitamin C+ and Biogenic Virgin Coconut Oil to ameliorate your Thyroid function.

How do I follow Nutritional Ketosis?

Nutritional Ketosis via a Vegan eating plan is a progressive dietary science and advancement in Dietetics. Please email or call us to obtain the correct and proven treatment plan that resets your metabolic age and allows you to achieve safe weight loss. This call is free of charge.

What is the difference between Old School (Classic)Keto Diet and Vegan Keto Meal?

Classic Keto Diets states that 20% of the calories come from animal protein or eggs, 10% from carbs, and 70% from animal fat. Whereas, the Ancestral Ketogenic Diet aligns with food eaten by robust early humans. AKD also emphasis on avoiding processed food, refine sugars, synthetic sweeteners, dairy foods and trans-fats.

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